I have a manual process of port forwarding using OS based SSH forwarding currently and I would like to do this through Python so that the connection auto closes after. Similar to how a 'with open' would work for a file write.

I am currently using it like so: ssh jumpserver -L 8000:internal_server_name:8000 -N

and calling the api locally like so: http://localhost:8000/get-answer/

This method works, but again, I am looking for a using/with open method.

I tried this without luck:

remote_host = "internal_server_name"
remote_port = 8000
local_port  = 8000
ssh_host    = "jumpserver"
ssh_port    = 22

user     = "ubuntu"
pkey = "~/.ssh.id_rsa"

transport = paramiko.Transport((ssh_host, ssh_port))

# Command for paramiko-
transport.connect(hostkey  = None,
                username = user,
                password = None,
                pkey     = pkey)

    forward_tunnel(local_port, remote_host, remote_port, transport)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    print ('Port forwarding stopped.')


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