I'm using Phalcon and Volt template engine .

This index.volt and I'm going to pass an array to JavaScript

<script type="text/javascript" >

 var usersList= {{ array_from_volt }} ;


But it doesn't work .

in PHP we used to do like this But it doesn't work for volt

<script type="text/javascript" >

 var usersList=  <?php echo json_encode(array_from_php); ?>;


So, How can I Pass an Array to javascript from volt ?

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In your PHP code, use setvar to set a variable that Volt can reference.

$this->view->setVar('array_name', $your_array);

If you need the array json encoded, you can:

$this->view->setVar('array_name', json_encode($your_array));

Then in your Volt file, you can set the javascript variable as follows:

    var usersList = [{{ array_name }}];

(note syntax not verified... YMMV)

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