So I created a monolith (Spring+Angular) with JHipster 7.8.1 CLI, then proceeded to add 2 entities with the CLI too, I first created Author, then created Book and specified its ManyToOne relation to Author, then modified Author to add the OneToMany relation on the other end (I cannot add ManyToOne while creating Author since it will look for the Book entity which isn't created yet and would therefor raise an error).

The ManyToOne relation works fine on the front-end, I can see the author field in the Book entity, and can select one when editing/creating a book. However on the other hand the OneToMany relation doesn't seem to work, I cannot see the list of books of each author nor edit/add one or multiple books to an author.

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to modify the front-end code to enable this feature?

EDIT: the list of books of an author does fill on the server-side, this can be verified with the Rest API (/api/authors), the books field is returned and has the related books.



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