Can’t install MinGW-w64 on my operating system(windows 10). The new MinGW-w64 version doesn’t come with a bin folder. Please i need help using the compiler.


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A Little late. For Windows 10/11.

  1. go to GitHub repository: https://github.com/niXman/mingw-builds-binaries/releases

  2. choose what you need and download: https://github.com/niXman/mingw-builds-binaries/releases/download/12.2.0-rt_v10-rev2/x86_64-12.2.0-release-posix-seh-msvcrt-rt_v10-rev2.7z

  3. unzip and copy the repository. 3.1 Make a directory where you want it installed e.g.: C:\MinGW64 3.2 Copy all the directories inside unzipped "mingw64" to C:\MinGW64

  4. Add the environment variable Path. 4.1 Windows Search type "Environment Variables" Environment Variables / System variables Click in "Path" and select edit Click New and Put the route to Bin e.g.: "C:\MinGW64\bin" -> Click OK.

  5. Test if everything are ok, CMD: C:\\{some_path}\gcc.exe --version

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