In my react native project I don't have "react-native-reanimated" but when I rebuilt my project I got this error: "Project "react-native-reanimated" was not found in the root project

So when I install ‍react-native-reanimated‍ I get an NDK install error, but when I install the ndk and get the apk from the project, the app won't open and crashes.

So I uninstalled react-native-reanimated and ndk and cmake but again I got the error "project 'react-native-reanimated' was not found in the root project"

please help me

Android Studio Error Message Picture


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Possible gradle related issue - try out the solutions in this post: Android: Project 'MyProject' not found in root project 'MyProject'

But basically, delete the .gradle folder in your project's root folder and resync gradle from Android Studio.


try to run below command

npm install --force react-native-reanimated

Fix the upstream dependency conflict, or retry this command with --force, or --legacy-peer-deps

it work for me

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