So I generated a monolithic project (Spring+Angular) with JHipster using the CLI, then created a Author and a Book entities with the CLI as well, with a OneToMany bi-directional relation between them (one author can have many books, many books can have one author), after giving some books the same author (from the UI), I could see that the list of books of that author was filled with those books using the API (/api/authors/{id}).

However when I generated the same project and entities via JDL, and then assigned an author to some books, the change doesn't happen on the other side, that author's list of books doesn't fill (I need it to do so to deal with this issue)

here's the JDL specification I used to generate the project:

application {
  config {
    baseName Library,
    applicationType monolith,
    packageName org.city.library,
    authenticationType jwt,
    prodDatabaseType mysql,
    devDatabaseType h2Memory,
    clientFramework angular
  entities *

entity Author {
    name String
    birthDate LocalDate

entity Book {
    title String
    genre String
    isCopyrighted Boolean

relationship OneToMany {
  Author{books} to Book{author(name)}


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