To make the border disapear or simply change it's color. I tried with highlighttickness or borderwidth but it doesn't work. So I was told to try with the layouts, the thing is I don't know how to change the border with the layouts

On this pic the border is still visible on the combobox I want to delete it or just change it's color

PS : That's not a duplicate previous questions were deleted


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You can change the layout with the layout method of a style object. It can take as an argument a new layout to replace the current layout.

The following example illustrates how to remove the padding element around the checkbox, which I think might be the source of your light gray border:

style = ttk.Style()
layout = [
    ('Combobox.button', {
        'sticky': 'nswe',
        'children': [
                    ('Combobox.textarea', {
                        'sticky': 'nswe'
style.layout("TCombobox", layout)

Changing styles and style layouts is unfortunately an under-documented feature of tkinter. However, there are several resources on the internet you might find useful:

  • Thank you very much ! I'll also check the links, but one last thing why the "changer" is gone ? idk how it's called but know my combobox kinda look entry now haha. Thanks anyway
    – jush456
    Aug 26, 2022 at 4:16

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