I'm connected to one of our file servers and am trying to pull down (via ftp and mget) a folder to a local directory. 50% of the mget command works successfully until it gets to a JAR file that is absolutely there on the server. It gives me the following error:

local: dist/MyProgram.jar remote: dist/MyProgram.jar
local: dist/MyProgram.jar: No such file or directory

The command I am using is a simpl mget

ftp> prompt
ftp> mget *

I am absolutely in the right directory and absolutely have a solid connection. Setting the prompt flag to prevent me from being prompted on each get. Any ideas?

  • what do you make of the relative path (i.e. dist/) in local: dist/MyProgram.jar ? I don't believe mget can handle such a file-spec (at least on the ftp versions I'm used to) and I don't think mget will recurse into subdirs when given the argument '*'. What happens if you just ask for dir *, do you see your jar file there? Might help to add version info on Linux version and your ftp client and a tag for your linux distro. Good luck.
    – shellter
    Sep 8, 2011 at 17:20

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wget -r ftp://name:[email protected]/somedir/
  • 1
    While not an answer to the question... seriously, just use wget. Mar 23, 2015 at 16:31

That's because mget doesn't behave recursively. I thought it would recurse down my directory tree and copy everything over as-is. You need to run it at every level of your project. It was treating dist/MyProgram.jar as a filename.

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