I want to make my app, can print so I have run npm install react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer --save as enter link description here documentation. after that I want to make it sure that my project running well after it, but I found error like enter image description here, and when I try to link the project the error using this command react-native link react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer

it also bring me to the another error like Unrecognized command "link". i dont have idea hot to fix it, please anyone can tell what am I suppose todo

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Since no one is maintaining this package. I used https://github.com/januslo/react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer/pull/114 which is one of the PR for this package which resolved the insecure protocols and used https://www.npmjs.com/package/patch-package to keep the changes. Hope it helps!

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