I have searched all over and I'm having trouble with the Views 3 UI. I can't find where to turn on the glossary mode in the view settings for an attachment. I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I see it in the screen shot for the answer to this question: Drupal 7 Views Contextual Filters

So it must exist?! I'm using Views 7.x-3.0-rc1


There are 2 view displays you need to create to make this work.

Create the Page display

  1. First create the page display
  2. Add the appropriate fields you wish to display
  3. Add a contextual filter argument that you will use for the glossary

In the settings for the field, make sure to select the 'more' option and set the argument to behave in glossary mode. I believe you also need to set the default value to 'all' or 'a' or any other letter.

Create the Attachment display

  1. Add an attachment display to your view

    If you created all your fields in the page, this version should have all of them.

  2. Override the contextual argument you selected for the page.
  3. Change this to display in summary mode. You will get different options depending on how you want to display your glossary. The Glossary mode should already be enabled.
  4. Assign the attachment to the page in the Attachment settings
  5. Turn off the inheriting of contextual filters (i.e. arguments) within the attachment display.
The best tip I received for learning how to set this up was from merlinofchaos who said to enable the Glossary view in the list of views. He said to clone it and make your changes. This gave me a thorough understanding of how it works.


You need to have a Contextual Filter setup under the Advanced section of your View. Once you have one, click on your Contextual filter. In the dialog that comes up, click on MORE to expand the items for that section. You should find Glossary mode checkbox there.

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