Hi I'm new to Yeoman and Jhipster and I am having doubts.

I am required to use Yeoman and Jhipster to perform CRUD operations on my entities. Mysql database is also required for the backend operations with sql queries. I am unsure and unable to find the file in which where to add the SQL queries for the CRUD operations in the Java application.

For now, I am able to perform CRUD operations without writing any sql queries in the codes. However, I should not be using the generated backend.

How can I manually add in the sql queries to perform the CRUD operations and where and which files should I edit?

  • OK, then go learn it (read the reference doc and tutorials or books), be sure to spend few days on it, and then open new precise questions with code, what you want to do and what you tried? When it failed, give details. Sep 8 at 8:52

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Have a look at the following to understand the underlying technologies:


You need to understand some Spring and JPA. These use repositories to access the database (and other data sources). You will find a repository directory in the source code.

  • Yes i've noticed there is a repository.java. However, I am able to perform CRUD without writing any sql queries in the codes currently
    – Meddy
    Sep 7 at 21:10

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