I am using facebook business sdk of nodejs to create campaigns and adsets. But creating adsets is not being successful.

I tried the following example code:

const bizSdk = require('facebook-nodejs-business-sdk');
const AdAccount = bizSdk.AdAccount;
const AdSet = bizSdk.AdSet;

const access_token = '<ACCESS_TOKEN>';
const app_secret = '<APP_SECRET>';
const app_id = '<APP_ID>';
const id = '<AD_ACCOUNT_ID>';
const api = bizSdk.FacebookAdsApi.init(access_token);
const showDebugingInfo = true; // Setting this to true shows more debugging info.
if (showDebugingInfo) {

const logApiCallResult = (apiCallName, data) => {
  if (showDebugingInfo) {
    console.log('Data:' + JSON.stringify(data));

let fields, params;
fields = [
params = {
  'name' : 'Mobile App Installs Ad Set',
  'daily_budget' : '10000',
  'bid_amount' : '2000',
  'billing_event' : 'IMPRESSIONS',
  'optimization_goal' : 'APP_INSTALLS',
  'campaign_id' : '<adCampaignAppInstallsID>',
  'promoted_object' : {'application_id':'<appID>','object_store_url':'<appLink>'},
  'targeting' : {'device_platforms':['mobile'],'facebook_positions':['feed'],'geo_locations':{'countries':['US']},'publisher_platforms':['facebook','audience_network'],'user_os':['IOS']},
  'status' : 'PAUSED',
const adsets = (new AdAccount(id)).createAdSet(
logApiCallResult('adsets api call complete.', adsets);

and got the following output:

  message: 'Budget Is Too Low: Your ad set budget must be more than Rs218.14 or your ads may not deliver.',
  status: 400,
  response: {
    error: {
      message: 'Invalid parameter',
      type: 'OAuthException',
      code: 100,
      error_data: '{"blame_field_specs":[["daily_budget"]]}',
      error_subcode: 1885272,
      is_transient: false,
      error_user_title: 'Budget Is Too Low',
      error_user_msg: 'Your ad set budget must be more than Rs218.14 or your ads may not deliver.',
      fbtrace_id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

seems like budget is too low. but I've given more than minimum, I am not being able to figure out what is the problem. By the way, I'm using a sandbox account.




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