Hi I am using UIActivityViewController to share content on social networks but facing one issue. The issue is when i select the share button the UIActivityViewController gets appear and I select the Facebook option.

  • I select the Facebook option in the sharing sheet -> Facebook sharing view appears with two options (Cancel and Next). When I select the Cancel button giving me another action sheet to discard or keep the post. When i select to discard the Action Sheet get disappear but the Facebook sharing view still keep showing and there is no way to go back.
  • Second when I press the next button in the Facebook sharing view -> another Facebook view gets appear with two buttons (Cancel and Share).... When I click the share button content get share on Facebook and black screen appears with a check in circle and text "Shared to Facebook!" .. And the application get stuck on this Screen.

Below is my code, Any help would be appreciated, I am also using the activityViewController!.completionWithItemsHandler but this closure not getting called in case of Facebook.

     let url = "\(UserDefaults.baseURL)/pl/\(resource)/\(sharingId)"
    // set up activity view controller
    let imageToShare = [ url ]
    activityViewController = UIActivityViewController(activityItems: imageToShare, applicationActivities: nil)
    activityViewController!.popoverPresentationController?.sourceView = self.view // so that iPads won't crash
    // exclude some activity types from the list (optional)
    activityViewController!.excludedActivityTypes = [UIActivity.ActivityType.airDrop]
    activityViewController!.completionWithItemsHandler = { (activityType: UIActivity.ActivityType?, completed:
    Bool, arrayReturnedItems: [Any]?, error: Error?) in
        if completed {
            print("share completed")
            self.dismiss(animated: true)
        } else {
            self.dismiss(animated: true)
        if let shareError = error {
            print("error while sharing: \(shareError.localizedDescription)")
    // present the view controller
    self.present(activityViewController!, animated: true, completion: nil)


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