Recently our marketing team tried to set up Facebook Mobile App Ads but ran into the following issue.

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I reviewed our Facebook Apps developer page and noticed that while the Android app was tracking installs, the iOS app had not registered any installs for the past year, even though I know the app is getting a couple of hundred installs per month.

Since we have tried a couple of solutions, including:

  • Updates the iOS Facebook SDK to the latest build
  • Checking the info.plist to make sure that it has all of the correct information and all of the necessary flags are set to true

We have just pushed a TestFlight build with the updated SDK, but still, nothing is being tracked. Has anyone else had similar problems? I have found a few posts suggesting that the app must show the App Tracking Transparency popup, which the user must agree to, though other users have said that this is not required for the Facebook install events.


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