Hi I am trying to consume a web service on a mobile emulator. But I always have this error everytime I add a web reference - "HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized". I already added the web site on the IIS manager 6.0. Is there an easy way to fix this? Thanks in advance!


IIS needs access permissions for IUSR user too... add this user.
If you don't know how, see the link

The same problem solved here

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Enable Anonymous Authentication for the web site, then Edit Anonymous Authentication (by right clicking) and change it from a Specific User to Application pool identity

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Give IIS_IUSR and IUSR permissions.

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Make sure that application pool of your website and website both are running under the same identity. Then make sure that this identity has required permissions on the virtual directory. I had exact same issue and above two checks fixed it.

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Go to the following link, you can get more info about the error:


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