I try to deploy example Kedro starter project (pandas-iris). I successfuly run it locally (kedro run), and then, having kedro-docker install, init a Docker, build image and push it to my registry.

Unfortunately, both kedro docker run and docker run myDockerID/iris_image generate the same error:

DataSetError: Failed while loading data from data set 
CSVDataSet(filepath=/home/kedro/data/01_raw/iris.csv, load_args={},
protocol=file, save_args={'index': False}).
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/kedro/data/01_raw/iris.csv'

It looks like the data catalog wasn't copied to the image/container.

I would appreciate Your help,

Many thanks :)


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If data catalog wasn't copy then you probably won't get the path? Is the data actually lives there?


Problem solved: I had to comment #data entry in .dockerignore file. Original kedro-docker keeps data folder ignored.

@mediumnok: thank you for the comment, no problem with path :)

  • I think the data is commented for a reason, often you don't want to package data inside the docker, but you would mount the storage to your docker with the docker run - v command. If the goal is to just get everything run through for tutorial, that is perfectly fine.
    – mediumnok
    Sep 17, 2022 at 13:39

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