I am using Psycopg2 with PostgreSQL 8.4. While reading from a huge table, I suddenly get this cryptic error at the following line of code, after this same line of code has successfully fetched a few hundred thousand rows.

somerows = cursorToFetchData.fetchmany(30000)

psycopg2.DataError: invalid value "LÃ" for "DD"

DETAIL: Value must be an integer.

My problem is that I have no column named "DD", and about 300 columns in that table (I know 300 columns is a design flaw). I would appreciate a hint about the meaning of this error message, or how to figure out where the problem lies. I do not understand how Psycop2 can have any requirements about the datatype while fetching rows.


Can you paste in the data from the row that's causing the problem? At a guess I'd say it's a badly formatted date entry, but hard to say.

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This is not a psycopg error, it is a postgres error.

After the error is raised, take a look at cur.query to see the query generated. Copy and paste it into psql and you'll see the same error. Then debug it from there.

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