Back in BCB3 or BCB5, I seem to remember that there was a way to see why my app was closing. I would like to show a dialog box if the user closes it, but just gracefully close if the computer is rebooting. How can I know the reason for the shutdown of my app?


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To differentiate the reason, you will have to manually intercept and handle the WM_(QUERY)ENDSESSION, WM_SYSCOMMAND, and WM_CLOSE window messages directly.

Though, at least in this case, WM_(QUERY)ENDSESION should suffice. You can have it set a flag that you can then look at in the Form's OnCloseQuery event, eg:

class TMyForm : public TForm
    void __fastcall FormCloseQuery(TObject *Sender, bool &CanClose);
    bool SystemIsShuttingDown;
    virtual void __fastcall WndProc(TMessage &Message);
void __fastcall TMyForm::FormCloseQuery(TObject *Sender, bool &CanClose)
    if (!SystemIsShuttingDown)
        // display dialog....

void __fastcall TMyForm::WndProc(TMessage &Message)
    if (Message.Msg == WM_QUERYENDSESSION)
        SystemIsShuttingDown = true;
    else if (Message.Msg == WM_ENDSESSION && Message.WParam == FALSE)
        SystemIsShuttingDown = false;
  • Discovered that: If you use Application->Terminate(), this doesn't work. It does work with Close() on the form.
    – JKofsky
    Sep 22 at 20:58
  • @JKofsky Application->Terminate() simply posts a WM_QUIT message to the main message queue, and then the message handler sets the Application->Terminated property to true, which causes the message loop in Application->Run() to exit. Any Forms that are still active will be destroyed during process cleanup, no events fired for them. Closing the Application->MainForm will call Application->Terminate() after firing its OnClose(Query) events. 2 days ago

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