I have an issue occurring with the production build of my app.

Everything works fine in development. But as soon as I build my app, then uses gh-pages to serve the build folder, this issue occurs :

When the page is loaded, the canvas will only take a fraction of the window's height (see screenshot). For some reason, it also doesn't take the full width, but almost it.

The issue when loading the page

It will only happen when loading the page, but it's fixed as soon as you resize the window.

Here is a link to the repo : https://github.com/polar0/metaverse

The demo, where you can see the issue : https://polar0.github.io/metaverse/ Just try to resize your browser, and it should be ok again.

The part of the code related to the renderer. I believe it's correctly written, but I'm not sure of anything. https://github.com/polar0/metaverse/blob/main/src/World/systems/renderer.js

I feel like this problem is occuring only when the app is served from the dist folder. Maybe it comes from gh-pages ?

I couldn't find any related problem, and I really don't know where to look anymore. It's also not convenient for debugging, that the issue only happens with the production build.

Thanks for the help!

  • It works for me on the live site :)
    – Djave
    Sep 21 at 12:46


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