Anybody know how a context path can be added with two slashes like /app/idontknow to a JHipster generated application that uses React? Setting the value for "servlet.context-path" in the application-dev.yaml file in combination with setting the value for "base" in webpack.common.js does not work.

However, when setting the path with only one forward slash (/app_idontknow) it works.

  • With Angular, you also need to modify the index.html file, change <base href="/" /> to something like <base href="/idontknow/" />. Also, call the JAR with the following options: java -jar idontknow.jar --server.servlet.context-path=/idontknow I don't know if the same applies to React...
    – Mike Smith
    Sep 22 at 20:31
  • No, index.html file is not necessary with React. 2 days ago
  • Part of the solution is that the servlet context path setting must end with a slash like /dir1/dir2/ and not /dir1/dir. Using this improves the misbehavior but does not lead to solve all problems. 2 days ago


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