I have AR data for various past months, basis which I need to forecast next month's AR.

Please help with below questions:

  1. Is excel forecast formula of ETS and normal forecast good and reliable? I am getting high variance from actual.

  2. What is the best way to do this forecast? Use ML?

  3. Is excel unable to predict well because I am feeding data month wise and trying to find only on basis of 6 months?

  • ETS is Exponential Smoothing, the algorithm is used when the future is highly dependent on the past for example a moving airplane will always be in front of its previous position, even when its going in one direction or even when its turning Every prediction algorithm or modal is good at some specific type of data, you have to learn some to get an idea of how they perform you will have to check the trend of previous months, its better to paste a graph here, someone can better tell you which model you can use for its forecasting but normally ETS is not good for financial predictions
    – usmanhaq
    Sep 23 at 9:57


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