Hope you are doing good. i am new to Django so basically i want an idea of how we can access page that required login but i want one time login not every time.or just by pass this authentication by any mean i don't know?

i-e: i have chat bot i want to give that page specific url to some client and that client add that url in his website so his clients just use my chatbot by click my chatbot url that are present in my client website.but i want that by clicking that url does not require to login first but i want the secure access only that client domain only access my url . not other domain or from chrome brower. if you give any idea it will be very kindness of you thanks alot.


i used django-cors but i dont know that using cors will restrict access to other domain accept the allowed one?

i experence from cors-test websites i just send post request but cannot access my site when i allowed that domain in cors then they can get post response .

so basically when i search that url from chrome on same LAN ( by using ngrok to make local server global ) we can access pages but cannot make post request. i had added ngrok url in not allowed domain in cors. so this confused me.

the chatbot url page has login so how we by pass the login required by any method for every client that click from my client website so they can easly access my chatbot??

  • You can use Django stronghold to make your functions login required, and then use the @public decorator provided to make that one view you're calling not login required. Sep 23 at 11:29


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