I have 2 t2 instances on AWS, one for beat, one for worker.

Beat   (t2.micro): celery -A iso_backend beat -l info --scheduler django
Worker (t2.small): celery -A iso_backend worker -l info --scheduler django

I'm using djang_celery_beat_clockedschedule's table for scheduling a lot of long-running job. A lot of clocked has_many jobs, so example: at 08:20:00am, Beat must call 100 messages to SQS queue at the same time, the issue is, it call only a fews, sometimes 1/2, sometimes 1/3 number of the jobs

Scheduler: Sending due task... Actually, this issue is really hard and I cannot figure out the root cause. Anybody met this before and has any solutions help me? Thank a lot!

  • Please format as a code the source code or parameters your are referring in your question
    – David Leal
    Sep 23 at 13:31


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