I have a domain http://radiotn.com that is redirecting to HTTPS on chrome only.

I want to disable this redirection and run my website on HTTP because it contains external radio streamings that run on HTTP

The website doesn't redirect on Chrome private navigator nor in Firefox for example

I tried chrome on different devices and it always redirect to HTTPS.

In response headers there is "Non-Authoritative-Reason: HSTS"

I tried to remove it by following this thread but it didn't work: https://superuser.com/questions/565409/how-to-stop-an-automatic-redirect-from-http-to-https-in-chrome

I don't think that it's related to my chrome browser as I tried it on different devices and still get this redirection to HTTPS

I was using Cloudflare. I thought that it may related to cloudflare config.

So I changed my nameservers to redirecct directly to namecheap but this didn't solve the problem.

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    Questions about how to use web browsers are best asked at Super User. Oct 24 at 13:10
  • @StephenOstermiller Developers are much more likely than end users to need to be able to switch back and forth between http and https. I sure I'm not the only one who accidentally typed localhost/myserver and got horribly stuck because https does not exist for my local dev server. Nov 21 at 21:16

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Type in: chrome://net-internals/#hsts in address bar of chrome. At the bottom place the domain to delete from HSTS.

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    This solution does not work.
    – Chroma
    Aug 26 at 12:51

Other answers didn't work for me.
Eventually under: Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Security I found this toggle which I disabled: enter image description here

Then all worked OK

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    This isn't working for me as of June 2023.
    – Shiva Naru
    Jun 21 at 20:22
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    – Wayn Liu
    Jul 28 at 9:53
  1. Click the lock in the browser address bar opposite the domain name
  2. Select "Site Settings"
  3. Click "Clear Data" against "cookies".
  4. Then scroll down to "Insecure content" and click "Allow"

Only solution that worked for me (trust me I tried it all)

Go to chrome://settings/content/insecureContent , add your website pattern under Allowed to show insecure content



  • it doesn't exist aymore Nov 17 at 9:41
  • Which version of Chrome are you using? I use 119.0.6045.159 (should be the latest) and it exists there
    – Vineeth
    Nov 17 at 12:38

here this sugestion not works, in this week Chrome updated to version 117.0.5938.89 and after this not works - The requests to HTTP goes with HSTS but that option is disbled.

This make server return status 307-Internal Redirct and redirect to HTTPS

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