Good Day Team,

I would like to know how user is able to click every word in the dictionary apps and it jumps to another screen where the meaning of the word is mentioned. I want do it using Android Jetpack Compose (Kotlin). 1 way is creating separate text box for every word but that would be unwise for larger sentences. There must be some easier way.

Appreciate your support.

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One way of doing it would be using ClickableText to get index of character touched in text. Then you need to apply some sort of algorithm to detect words. I would put ranges startIndex..endIndex as key and word as value to a map and check if touch index in any of these ranges. Probably there are better options for detecting from selected index. This is only a suggestion.

   // Clickable text returns position of text that is clicked in onClick callback
        modifier = modifier,
        text = annotatedString,
        onClick = {
          // Logic to find words from character indx

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