I am struggling with accessing resources on the HERE platform using the Python Data SDK v2. Specifically I am trying to run the following example notebook:


It seems like I don't have access to that resource (I get a "forbidden" message when trying to open the resource in the browser). Therefore I changed the used HRN to one of the resources/catalogs that were accessible in the Data Manager. Unfortunately I am still getting the same error message:

AuthenticationException: An error occurred during authentication or authorization with HERE
                    platform: Status 403 -
                    Reason Forbidden
 Response: {"error":"Forbidden","error_description":"These credentials do not authorize access"}

If anyone has an idea about how to deal with this that would help me a great deal.

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These catalogs are not publicly available, hence you are getting forbidden message. You need to reach out to us via contact us form and provide the exact use case to get the access for the same. Thanks


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