I am trying to assign javascript array as jinja variable but it throws error

this is what it shows

Python code

  • i want the data to be taken as a array
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    – Tsyvarev
    Oct 5, 2022 at 10:53

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You can simply pass your list to the template. You can do without the conversion to JSON here.

return render_template('game.html', game=game, board=board)

To then use this variable in javascript, you can use the Jinja2 filter tojson. The result is your list as an array.

window.onload = start({{ board | tojson }});

I haven't used json.dumps before but normally I can grab my variables I send in my render_template using this syntax.

var board_arr = $("#board").val();
window.onload = start(board_arr);

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