In my view model I have:

var uri = savedStateHandle.getStateFlow("uri", Uri.EMPTY)
    private set

In my view:

val uri by viewModel.uri.collectAsState()

                    painter = rememberAsyncImagePainter(
                            .data(data = uri)
                    contentDescription = "",
                    modifier = Modifier
                        .padding(vertical = 16.dp)
                    contentScale = ContentScale.Crop

When I am saving new image it is saved with the same uri in local strage so my Image is not recomposed and old one is presented. I can change uri and then image is recomposed as intended but how to inform my Image that it should be recomposed even when uri is still the same?

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You can use coil's setParameter method on the builder which will reload whenever the parameter changes. You can use timestamp of last change as a parameter or something like that.

val timestamp by viewModel.timestamp.collectAsState()

    .data(data = uri)
    .setParameter("timestamp", timestamp, null)

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