I have developed a form using form builder in Kentico Xperience. I am using localized strings for the titles and texts of my form components.

For example for a radio button component, I have enter image description here

which consists of the following localized strings:

enter image description here

It works fine until the form is submitted and sent by email. The email template is built as follow:

$$label:Participation$$:    $$value:Participation$$

But I receive email like:

Participation in meeting:   {$Form.Participation.Virtual$}

While I would like to receive the localized text in my email as follow:

Participation in meeting:   Virtually

How can I do that? Is there a specific syntax in the email template?

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The correct syntax in my email template to obtain what I am looking for is:

$$label:Participation$$:    {%Participation%}
  • I would never have guessed {%Participation%} is evaluated as $$value:Participation$$. I wasted hours to find this. it's pretty useful for me to combine it with macros as well like {% GetResourceString("key_prefix" + Participation ) %}
    – CME64
    Jan 2 at 13:37

The behavior is by design. If you use a compoment with list of options and you add just a localization macro there, there is a risk that chaning the string will cause wrong values. The recommended and supported format is:


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