I want to create a website where users who sign up are able to get a subdomain on my main domain a la blogspot.com (ex. user.mywebsite.com)

I really don't know how to get about doing this. I guess this will involve DNS. Here is some more info about my requirement.

  1. Don't need to set up an IIS website either.
  2. I want an app that would route the subdomain to a folder inside the directory.

Would this be done using an ISAPI DLL? some DNS magic? What?

All clues will be welcome and helpful.



You probably want to look at wildcard DNS and then check whether the website really exists in your application. Setting each one up in IIS would be a bit messy.



Maybe this can help? It's about settingg up a wildcard for sub domains. You can then check the Uri.Host property to figure out which subdomain was asked for.

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