I have an excel file with one of the columns as json array. I want to extract the value of "name" from the object against the particular "sid".Below is the input:

SID Sumary
101 [{'xid': 'Dseabc101', 'name': 'event1'}, {'xid': '5Radesc', 'name': 'Event2'}]
102 [{'xid': '3a65a2', 'name': 'Event3'}]

The expected output should be: enter image description here

Can someone please help me with this?

  • Does the column contain strings (text in the JSON format), or does it contain already-parsed JSON data? Oct 7, 2022 at 5:59
  • It contains parsed json data Oct 7, 2022 at 6:33

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df['Summary'] = df['Summary'].apply(lambda x: ','.join(y['name'] for y in x))

df['Summary'] = [','.join(y['name'] for y in x) for x in df['Summary']]

If possible strings in column Summary use:

import ast

df['Summary']=df['Summary'].apply(lambda x:','.join(y['name'] for y in ast.literal_eval(x)))


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    Thank you for the timely response, it resolved the issue. Oct 7, 2022 at 10:47

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