Programming language: Ruby 1.9

Problem String: C:/Test/blah.txt
to C:/Test/

I know it's an easy question, but Google and the Ruby quickref for File have no solution for me.
And I have no experience with Regex.


Use the Ruby File.dirname method.

# => "C:/Test" 
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    For me, File.dirname("/a/b/c/d") correctly returns /a/b/c but File.dirname("/a/b/c/d/") (trailing slash) also returns /a/b/c. – Jason Jul 1 '14 at 22:45
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    There is just too much information without context in the ruby docs to find ~exactly~ what you're looking for at the moment. Great to brush up on if you already knew it or study if you're trying to know everything, horrible if you are on a project and just need to know this one thing. Thanks so much for this answer, made life a lot easier for me. – JackChance Feb 17 '16 at 22:55

More versatile would be the Ruby Pathname class:

require 'pathname'

pn = Pathname.new("C:/Test/blah.txt")
p pn.dirname.to_s + Pathname::SEPARATOR_LIST

which gives C:/Test/.

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