I wish to automate my www.tori.fi browsing using robotframework. My biggest problem thus far is to get the robot to click on the "Hyväksy kaikki evästeet"- button. Simple Xpath targetting won't do, as it does not find the element. The popup is obsctructicating the website.

I tried this:

Click Element    //*[@id="notice"]/div[6]/button[2]

But the result was:

Element with locator '//*[@id="notice"]/div[6]/button[2]' not found

Image of the websites TOS

I am on Firefox browser.

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When we find an overlay, we should suspect of it being inside a frame. This is the case in the site under testing.

Here is a complete working test suite:

*** Settings ***
Library           SeleniumLibrary

*** Test Cases ***
Click button in frame
    Open Browser    https://www.tori.fi/    firefox
    Sleep    5 seconds
    Select Frame    //iframe[@title="SP Consent Message"]
    ${button}=    Get WebElement    //button[@title="Hyväksy kaikki evästeet"]
    Click Element    ${button}
    Unselect Frame
    Sleep    5 seconds
    Capture Page Screenshot
    Close All Browsers
  • That indeed does it, thanks. Oct 10, 2022 at 21:38

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