I'm having trouble pulling information from a table using Selenium. The HTML looks something like this:

<select id="software_version" name="software_version" onchange="CheckDropDownValueUIUpdate('software_version', 'software_version_image','software_version_message', 'Software Version');" style="visibility: visible;">
<option value="none">
Select a Version</option>

<option value="1732732">

<option value="456456">

<option value="68767">

<option value="678934">

Right clicking and selecting X-Path on Chrome for the 14.0.69 would return:


So I put it in my code:

    query = driver.find_element("xpath", '//*[@id="software_version"]/option[3]')
    SoftwareVersion = query.text
except NoSuchElementException:
    new_row = {'Software': dfSoftwareName, 'Version': "Not Available"}

This yielded no result.

So I did a little reading and learned about selectByIndex and tried this:

    query = driver.find_element("xpath", '//*[@id="software_version"]')
    SoftwareVersion = query.text

except NoSuchElementException:
    new_row = {'Software': dfSoftwareName, 'Version': "Not Available"}

But this yielded the result "AttributeError: 'WebElement' object has no attribute 'selectByIndex'". At this point I don't know where to look since the first option gave me no feedback. Thank you for any suggestions you can provide.

  • try Select(query).selectByIndex(3);
    – Simeon
    Oct 11, 2022 at 23:38

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You need to import the following:

from selenium.webdriver.common.by import By
from selenium.webdriver.support.ui import WebDriverWait as wait
from selenium.webdriver.support import expected_conditions as EC

And then you can locate an option like this:

options = WebDriverWait(driver, 20).until(EC.presence_of_all_elements_located((By.XPATH, "//select[@id='software_version']/option")))

You can print the full list of options:

print('options:', [x.text for x in options])

Or you can print an individual one:

print('Third from the list:', options[2].text)

You can filter them by text:

the_one_youre_searching = [x for x in options if '14.0.69' in x.text][0]

You can get their attributes:

value_attribs = [x.get_attribute("value") for x in options]

Selenium documentation can be found at https://www.selenium.dev/documentation/

  • I feel like this is very close. When I use the code: print('options:', [x.text for x in options]). I get the output: options: ['', '', '', '', ''] and there are only give options. Going to similar links with various versions will have a similar output, but scaled to the number of options. For some reason it still isn't pulling the text from within.
    – Acuity
    Oct 12, 2022 at 1:37
  • Can you confirm the url? If you're not getting the value of the options, then maybe the HTML is different from what you posted. Code works. @Acuity -- Or maybe you're not using WebDriverWait? Oct 12, 2022 at 1:40

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