I need to create a list of local users that are sequential on Windows Server 2003.

Using ServerFault I was able to find out the proper commands to a) create a user and b) assign that user to a localgroup.

My commands would be:

net user myUserName /random /add /comment:"9.13.2011" /expires:never /fullname:"My User Name" /passwordchg:no

Adding that user to 'Remote Desktop Users' group:

net localgroup "Remote Desktop Users" myUserName /add

The username would start at myUserName1 and would iterate up to myUserName100.

Is it possible to use a windows batch (or cmd) file to iterate through these two commands to create my user list?


Are you looking for something like this?

set number=0

set /A number=%number%+1
if %number% GTR 100 goto end

net user myUserName%number% /random /add /comment:"9.13.2011" /expires:never /fullname:"My User Name %number%" /passwordchg:no
net localgroup "Remote Desktop Users" myUserName%number% /add

goto start_loop

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  • Excellent @qbk! The method I was trying wasn't working at all. – John M Sep 13 '11 at 18:22

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