I am working on this project which has

  1. franchise --> website --> jsr_franchise.com
  2. customer --> website --> jsr_customer.com

I am using phone authentication Only. both use same authentication to login

how do i distinguish wherther user logged in from customer franchise website? When I use firebase function

exports.new_User_Added = functions.auth.user()
    .onCreate(async (user) => {
        return Promise.resolve()

I am able to get phone number and time stamp. But how do I determine? Whether your user used Customer website or franchise website to authenticate.

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With Firebase Authentication a user doesn't log in to a specific site, but they log in to the entire Firebase project. No information about what site triggered that log-in is passed to Cloud Functions.

The most common workaround I know of is to pass all the information that is needed to create the user into a callable Cloud Function or HTTP Cloud Function, create the account there, set a custom claim on their profile with the extra information you want to maintain, and only then sign the user in on the client.

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