I try to compress a video using a library and running a FFmpeg command in my android app written in java (although the library is in Kotlin) I manage to do basic operations but the current one I am going to show you will always fail with the following error code: Unknown encoder 'libx265'

The library expects the input to be a String[] and I assume that there is something going wrong but I cannot find what exactly.

the command line

    val query:Array<String> = arrayOf("-i", videoPath , "-c:v" , "libx265" ,"preset", "fast", "-crf", "30", "-tag:v", "hvc1", "-c:a", "eac3", "-b:a", "224k" ,            "$videoPath.mp4");

the entire code

fun videoCompress(videoPath: String) {
    val query:Array<String> = arrayOf("-i", videoPath , "-c:v" , "libx265" ,"-preset", "fast", "-crf", "30", "-tag:v", "hvc1", "-c:a", "eac3", "-b:a", "224k" , "$videoPath.mp4");

    CallBackOfQuery().callQuery(query, object : FFmpegCallBack {
        override fun statisticsProcess(statistics: Statistics) {
            Log.i("FFMPEG LOG : ", statistics.videoFrameNumber.toString())

        override fun process(logMessage: LogMessage) {
            Log.i("FFMPEG LOG : ", logMessage.text)

        override fun success() {
            Log.d("yyyy", "success: ")

        override fun cancel() {

        override fun failed() {

The Log from the code

what I added to my build.gradle file

    implementation 'com.github.SimformSolutionsPvtLtd:SSffmpegVideoOperation:1.0.8'

the result (exact)

Unknown encoder 'libx265'

  • Can you please execute with -report argument (after "$videoPath.mp4"), and post the content of the created log file (as text - not as image). I think your FFmpeg in not built with libx265, but I have not experience with JAVA and Android.
    – Rotem
    Oct 22, 2022 at 21:05
  • Hey I found another way to work around this issue and hopefully have solved it. But thanks anyway! Oct 23, 2022 at 19:43

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Use this library

implementation 'com.arthenica:mobile-ffmpeg-full-gpl:4.2.2.LTS'

and this command

String cmd = "-y -i " + oldPath + " -c:a copy -r 30 -vcodec libx264 -crf 28 -preset ultrafast " + newFile.getPath();

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