def CreditPay(rate, payment, verbose):
    balance = 1000 # Amount currently owed
    month = 1  #Number of months
    paid = 0    # Amount paid so far

    while balance > payment:
        balance = balance + balance*rate/100 - payment
        paid += payment
        if verbose:
            print(f'Balance after month {month} is $ {balance}.')

        month += 1
    print(f"Final payment is $ {balance}")
    print(f'Final amount paid is $ {balance+paid}')
    return month

nmonths = CreditPay(2.5,100,False)
print("Number of months to pay off is", nmonths)

nmonths = CreditPay(2.5,100,True)
print("Number of months to pay off is", nmonths)


SyntaxError: invalid syntax martin@Martins-Air ~ % python -u "/Users/martin/Downloads/assignment7" File "/Users/martin/Downloads/assignment7", line 19 print(f'Balance after month {month} is $ {balance}.') ^

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    – CryptoFool
    Oct 22, 2022 at 20:56
  • 2
    My guess is that you are using an older version of Python when running in VSCode, one that does not support f-strings. This feature was added in Python 3.6. Check to see if you're running with an earlier version of Python than that when you get the error. If so, upgrading your Python version will fix the problem. To test this hypothesis without changing Python versions, change the code to not use the f-string feature and see if it then runs ok.
    – CryptoFool
    Oct 22, 2022 at 20:58
  • @Carcigenicate - of course. fat finger move :)
    – CryptoFool
    Oct 22, 2022 at 21:00
  • @CryptoFool thank you, its def the f-string thats not working. I just changed my interpreter to python 3.8.2 but its still continuing to not work. how can i fix that?
    – Martin
    Oct 22, 2022 at 21:16

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My problem was I downloaded code runner extension. I had to go to its settings.json and change python -u to python3 -u. thanks for the help. still new to programming.

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What python interpreter are you using? f-string got introduced in python3. To select your python interpreter with Vscode open up the command line windows ctrl+shift+p or macos cmd+shift+p and then search for "python interpreter". the complete command should look like this

>Python: Select Interpreter and then simply click on any Python 3.x.x

Hope this helps!

  • thank you, its definitely the f-string but even when i changed my interpreter to 3.8.2 it still wont run it. I restarted vscode multiple times and made sure to check the version before running my code.
    – Martin
    Oct 22, 2022 at 21:25

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