I need to have USB mouse and keyboard attached to dom0, while sys-usb is handling the USB controller.

I use sys-usb to have there bluetooth for headsets used in calls, also I want to have there all unknown devices, as this is my qube without network access and without root access.

There is only single USB controller available

I have modified policies in dom0

$ cat /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.InputKeyboard

sys-usb dom0 allow,user=root

$anyvm $anyvm deny

$ cat /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.InputMouse

sys-usb dom0 allow,user=root

$anyvm $anyvm deny

In /etc/default/grup I have:


How this all is working? I don't understand it, so I'm not able to debug. Do you have any advice how I can configure it? Is this possible at all?

Best would be to whitelist the USB device by ID, I don't need any keyboard to be redirected to dom0, I need a specific one as I have a docking station, two external displays and there I need a keyboard, in other places I can use the keyboard built-in notebook.

Thanks :-)

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  1. Installed qubes-input-proxy-sender, qubes-usb-proxy (inside sys-usb VM).

  2. Added user to groups audio, video (usermod -a -G video user; usermod -a -G audio user) (inside sys-usb VM)

The issue was probably caused by using Debian Minimal image instead of a regular image.

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