Having worked with 2 JSF component libraries, or frameworks if you wish, I can't help but wonder if I'm missing a trick by not evaluating ADF Faces. The big stumbling block for me is the way ADF is clearly deliberately tied in with jDeveloper studio. I work with NetBeans on a glassfish a/s, and as open as I am to change, I want to maximise my existing experience and leverage this stability.

My (tentative) rationale is that perhaps a company with the resources of Oracle could, perhaps, come up with a better quality product than other alternatives and with superior functionality, and this is what I wish to evaluate.

So I just wondered if anyone had any experience they could share with respect to working with ADF Faces outside a jDeveloper environment. Presumably from a technical perspective it's not much more than extracting the necessary jars from the distribution and taking it from there. Equally important would be any licensing/legal considerations of course. I've read that ADF has a business layer however I'd want to continue working with a Java 6 EE stack at this time.

What would be really cool would be to have a maven repository, although presumably the reason that no such thing exists is to protect the jDeveloper business.

  1. Has anyone got ADF working outside jDeveloper, got it working and can provide a small amount of direction as to any major considerations.

  2. If so, is it worth it? is ADF Faces a superior and more in depth product than can otherwise be found (oh no, what have I said...)?

  3. What are the licensing considerations? my present understanding is that fees would be payable is you're not using weblogic. How about glassfish enterprise?

  4. I have only recently found out, and was very surprised, to realise that ADF has the third JSF core implementation, alongside Mojarrra and MyFaces. Is this just a case of taking the RI and making a few necessary changes to support core ADF functionality or more than that? I see from the JIRA that Ed Burns corresponds closely with the ADF team, of course they now work for the same company. Clearly the RI has to mirror the spec, and that takes time, so this in itself could be interesting.


dont know if this will help you , but it seems that you can now freely deploy adf on glassfish server



ADF is only officially certified to work with WebSphere AS or ND(aside from weblogic of course). Although there are blogs and forum posts that indicate people were able to make it work with Tomcat(with much pain of course).

I know for a fact that there is an eclipse version/plugin/whatever that has ADF Faces features.

AFAIK, you only have to pay when you are using a container/AS that is not weblogic.

ADF Faces is great. It has all the components you would expect plus more. It also has a great Controller framework(see ADF Task Flows). For demos you can check out the Demo.

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