I'm using Frappe Framework to develop a custom app and I'm looking to use NuxtJS for the app's Portal.

A frappe app's folder structure is like this:

├─ custom-app/  
│  ├─ www/  
│  │  ├─ index.html  
├─ README.md 

While running, the app's portal/website runs/loads files in the www folder.

My intention is to initialize Nuxt in the index.html file. If there were docs on how to use NuxtJs via CDN like we can do with VueJs it'd have been easier to just create a new app instance inside index.html.

So far, I have managed to create a package.json inside custom-app, the root folder, and ran yarn add nuxt to add it to the package dependencies. I know, if I run yarn dev inside the root folder, I'll be able to browse the app via localhost:3000, but I intent to setup the Nuxt app's structure inside the www folder, but keeping node_modules & package.json in the root folder.

Is there a way to run a nuxt app from an inner/sub folder as I'm imagining?

  • Loading Nuxt from a CDN is not possible (since you are probably using SSG/SSR). Meanwhile, you could expose a localhost port (of a production bundle) directly to the external world thanks to some Apache/NGINX configuration. Otherwise, I guess that you could maybe try to set the base of the router to be www but I'm not sure to understand the whole benefit of it.
    – kissu
    Nov 7 at 12:53


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