Say I want to run the command:

git reset --hard origin/abc

where abc is my current branch. How can I programmatically insert the current branch into the command instead of having to run git branch --show, copying the result, and pasting into the reset command?

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    Something like git reset --hard origin/$(git branch --show-current)?
    – accdias
    Nov 9, 2022 at 0:39

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You can target the upstream of any branch with <branch>@{u}, and the upstream of your current branch with @{u} (more details than you want to in git help gitrevisions)

So you can reset to your upstream with :

git reset --hard @{u}  # if on Windows: quote "@{u}" on Powershell and cmd.exe

git reset --hard origin/$(git branch --show-current) is the answer thanks to @accdias

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