Thanks for the pointers for adding the codec-configurer attribute to a webflux:inbound-gateway component. answer to previous question

That works pretty well.

I was expecting something similar for the webflux:outbound-gateway component but I haven't been able to find the equivalent of codec-configurer for that component, nor for the component used in the web-client attribute. Would there be an example of such a thing? Or, perhaps, instead, is there a way of adding my custom codec-configurer to the default list, hence obviating the additional codec-configurer?

Thanks for any new pointers.

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That configuration is a part of the WebClient you can inject to this gateway. See its builder:

     * Configure the codecs for the {@code WebClient} in the
     * {@link #exchangeStrategies(ExchangeStrategies) underlying}
     * {@code ExchangeStrategies}.
     * @param configurer the configurer to apply
     * @since 5.1.13
    Builder codecs(Consumer<ClientCodecConfigurer> configurer);

And docs: https://docs.spring.io/spring-framework/docs/current/reference/html/web-reactive.html#webflux-client-builder

Essentially this is the code you need to follow:

                    .codecs(clientCodecConfigurer -> clientCodecConfigurer

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