I have a list

list = ["Hat({})A", "Tie({})B", "Disk({})C"]

And another list:

inventory = ["Hat(1)A", "Hat(43)A", "Shirt(23)E", "Tie(2)B"]

In python, I want to iterate inventory for each item, if it contains the value except for the number, return true. If not, return false.

"Hat(1)A", "Hat(43)A", "Tie(2)B" = TRUE
"Shirt(23)" = FALSE

Anyone know how this can be done? I've tried everything and I'm stuck :(

  • where does list = ["Hat({})A", "Tie({})B", "Disk({})C"] come from? what about Tie(2)C would that be true or false? Nov 10, 2022 at 5:34

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First you remove the curly braces from the list.

l = ["Hat({})A", "Tie({})B", "Disk({})C"]

new_list = [''.join(x.split('{}')) for x in l]

# ['Hat()A', 'Tie()B', 'Disk()C']

Your inventory is:

inventory = ["Hat(1)A", "Hat(43)A", "Shirt(23)E", "Tie(2)B"]

To find the numbers in inventory use re:

indices = re.findall(r'\d+', ''.join(inventory))

# ['1', '43', '23', '2']

Now, you have the corresponding numbers which were present in inventory in indices

new_inventory = [''.join(inventory[x].split(indices[x])) for x in range(len(indices))]

# ['Hat()A', 'Hat()A', 'Shirt()E', 'Tie()B']

Finally, you can iterate over new_inventory to find if they are present in new_list:

[x in new_list for x in new_inventory]

# [True, True, False, True]

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