I am getting a name error not defined error when entering bond into the program.

If anyone could shed some light onto where I have gone wrong that would be great.

elif  greeting == "Bond":
      house_value = int (input('''Please enter the value of the house:   '''))
      monthly_rate=float(input('''Enter the percentage of your interest rate ''')) / 100 /12 
      monthly_repay=int(input('''Please enter the number of months you plan to take to repay the bond'''))
      x = (monthly_rate * house_value)/(1 - (1+monthly_rate)**(-monthly_repay))
      print(f"The monthly repayment is {x:.2f}")      

if     y == 'Simple':
       compound = investment* math.pow((1+rate),years)
       print(f"The total amount of interest you will earn on your investment will be {compound:.2f} ")   

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If you enter elif greeting == "Bond": then y is not defined


You can use nested if-statements, watch the indentation, for example, by moving the last if-elif statement under if greeting.

if greeting == investment:


   if y == simple:


       elif y == compound:


       elif greeting == bond:

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    Your indentation is broken Commented Nov 10, 2022 at 14:47

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