I'm already deployed Function App on Azure portal. But i can't create and edit an Azure Functions with NET 7 in Visual studio 2022 v17.4 (supported NET 7).

How i can create and edit Function App using NET 7 in Visual studio? Thanks all!

Here is my tried

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To run .NET 7 on Azure Functions, use .NET 6.0 Isolated. You will need both .NET 7 SDK, and .NET 6 SDK for builds.


Azure Functions is starting to roll out the RTM version of .NET 7.0 across the global infrastructure. Azure Functions will support .NET 7 serverless apps hosted on all Windows and Linux SKUs, including Consumption plan, Elastic Premium plan, and App Service plans.

Customers can start to test in limited cloud regions (e.g West Central US, France Central) by the end of today. (11/8/2022)

When you choose .NET 6 Isolated, you create a project that runs in a separate worker process. Choose isolated worker process when you need to run your function app on .NET 7.0 or on .NET Framework 4.8 (preview). To learn more, see Supported versions.

Build process also requires .NET 6 SDK. Support for .NET Framework 4.8 is in GA.

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