I've got a TAdvStringGrid connected to a TAdvGridFilterPanel. The grid contains several columns of which 4 are dates. The locale of my PC is 'nl-NL' (Dutch). Date format in The Netherlands is 'dd-mm-yyyy'. When I filter dates it doesn't filter correctly. Things I tried that did not help:

  1. In the OnGetFormat returned the ssDate for date columns
  2. Fiddled arround with FormatSettings (local and global) with DateFormat and DateSeparator. This did solve some of the display problems. Date were display as '31/12/2000'. After changing the FormatSettings this changed to '31-12-2000'. But it's not nice to use the global FormatSetting so discarded that solution.
  3. Tried to find an event that fires on compare. If it exists, I didn't find it.

In other words. Or I'm doing something wrong or there's a bug in the TMS code. Any idea's?

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