project is Gradle based

I have this command

apollo schema:download --endpoint=https://*******************************/graphql schema.json

this downloads json file from that endpoint then I put that file under the schema(name) package, manually, this is what I tried I worked this command and put it under the package is there any way to do this with scripts so this is automatically done?

I tried this

task<Exec>("apollo") {
commandLine("exec", "apollo schema:download --endpoint=https://*************************/graphql schema.json")


I want to do ./gradlew build and during build also run this apollo command

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You can make your build task depend on another task like this:

task downloadStuff {
    logger.error('Downloading dependency.')
    logger.error('Moving dependency somewhere or whatever.')

build {
    dependsOn downloadStuff

Make sure to add it to the root project build.gradle file if you have multiple and it should also be top level.

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