Hello im trying to install phalcon and devtools but something is going wrong. I did everything I saw in tutorials installed phalcon, changed the php.ini, intalled devtools but it still doesn't no work.

php version

phalcon devtools

but when i try to create a project...

this happens


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The problem was the versions of devtools, phalcon and php. I was using php 7.4.26, phalcon 5.1 and devtools 4.2 and it was incompatible so i installed phalcon 4.0.6 and everything worked.


You have installed Phalcon Dev tools, but check the Phalcon installation in php itself. Try: php -i | grep 'phalcon'


You can download at https://github.com/daleffe/phalcon-devtools-5.x-fixed and replace ....Composer/vendor/phalcon/devtools/ is's working

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