After I upgraded the Android Studio to Dolphin my project, which worked perfectly fine in Chipmunk, stopped working by giving me this weird error from Gradle:

enter image description here

There is no explanation of what is wrong except this weird error null. I tried lots of stuff like:

  1. Invalidating caches and restart
  2. Deleting .gradle files
  3. Upgrading the Gradle and Gradle Plugin. Right now versions are, for Gradle Plugin: 7.3.0 and for Gradle 7.4
  4. Updated google services to the latest version 4.3.14

But none of this helped and I don't know what is wrong so any help is more than welcome. Thanks in advance.

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It seems this is an Android Studio bug and is still active on the Google Issuetracker.

Apparently two people have found a workaround by:

  • Deleting the .idea folder and restarting Android Studio
  • Deleting the .idea, .gradle, build folders and restarting Android Studio

Hope this helps!


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